Taking Responsibility in a Chaotic World

Humility and reverence creates a clear mind which leads to right thought, right feeling, and right action. Caving in to volatility only serves to create more of the same. Discernment is possible when one checks his-her own emotions and feelings and takes responsibility for his-her own emotions and feelings. When responsibility is not chosen, then only reactivity occurs. Reacting without thinking is functioning from the primitive, also known as “reptilian” portion of our minds which leads to one of three things…fight, flight, or freezing. We can choose something else, once the body’s initial reaction (due to trauma triggers) pass. We can choose to be our “higher” selves. We have a choice to remember our original pre-traumatized, pre-desensitized, pre-overly-sensitive natures, before the stressors of the world…before the dysfunctional stressors of our environment… began to alter and distort our thoughts and personalities. We can choose to remember and begin again. We are all members of a “scar clan;” in other words, we are all in this journey together. Everyone has a traumatic story to tell. And we can help each other to walk down a path towards healing by choosing to respond, thoughtfully and mindfully instead of react from our emotional triggers.


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